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About us

About Us

Sympathy Flower Shop - Houston Funeral Florist is a full service funeral florist specializing in sympathy flowers, green plants, and bereavement bouquets. We offer same day and next day delivery to many of Houston area funeral homes. Free delivery is available for all online orders in our delivery area. There is a large variety of heart shaped, cross shaped, wreath and standing spray funeral flowers as well as sympathy arrangements and casket covers. All casket covers include complimentary pallbearer boutonnieres. You also have the option to add banners and ribbons to your funeral flowers.

Funeral Plants

Sympathy Flower Shop can help you with all your funeral plant needs! The passing of a loved one is one of the hardest moments we must endure in life. No one should have to jump hurdles when making final arrangements or second-guess their decisions when handling this difficult time in their life.

Choose a Funeral Florist You Can Trust

We are a dependable and trusted supplier of funeral flowers and plants in all of Houston, tailoring our products to the demands of the industry and catering our services to the people. With our shop, you can be certain you have found a reliable source for every type of flower plan that you’d ever need. Shop Sympathy Flower Shop today to learn more about our funeral plants and how we can make your life easier!

Popular Funeral Plant Options

Deciding what type of funeral flowers to purchase can be a big decision. While many people choose to have assorted flowers, others opt for plants instead. There are many added benefits of selecting plants instead of flowers, with one of the biggest selling points being it is something that loved ones can keep longer than traditional arranged flowers. Whether you are sending funeral plants to a grieving family member or you are interested ordering a plant for extended members or co-workers of the deceased, the long-lasting nature of a plant versus other options appeals to many.

There are an enormous number of options you have when sending plants for funerals. From peace lily plants to mums to ivys, show your condolences in a way that will last a long time. Perfect options to show your sympathies and express that you care, Sympathy Flower Shop offers multiple funeral plant options that will suit everyone.

Some of the more common plants for funerals are:

-Potted Orchids
-Spathiphyllums (aka closet plants or peace lilies)
-Plant Gardens

Looking for a Pop of Color?

Green plants for funerals are a great option, but many people also want a little pop of color added to their funeral plants. So you have the option to add fresh cut flowers to your green plants for funerals. When choosing flowers to add to your plant, we generally choose something bright and long lasting, but if you have a special request, please just let us know and we will be happy to help.

Order Your Funeral Plant Today!

With Sympathy Flower Shop, we do everything we can to make this hard time easier for you. We take pride in facilitating and delivering funeral plant arrangements orders for our customers, and we understand how important this is to you! We are a leading provider and the most reliable option in all of Houston, so you can depend on us!

To show that we are committed to you, we have made it easy and hassle-free to place your funeral plant order with us. We offer free delivery in the Houston area when you place your order online, making it effortless to request your funeral plants! You can trust us to represent you and depend on us to deliver what we promise. Place your order online today!

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